Therapy Mode:

(inserts 1, 2 or 3 installed)

  • Locate the small bag containing inserts.
  • We recommend starting with the lowest height inserts (1).
  • Squeeze into the empty cavity.
  • Tighten or loosen Velcro strap to adjust fit.
  • Wear for 5 - 15 minutes.

Designed for casual use on flat surfaces.

Flat Mode:

(flat inserts installed)

  • Pop the raised inserts out when therapy time has
    elapsed to prevent over-use.
  • Replace with flat inserts to wear as normal slides.
    This helps preserve the integrity of your slides.

Everyone Is Different

We always recommend 5-15 minutes of
use because that will be the greatest benefit for most cases.
Consult with a physician for best results.

Do what feels right

AVOS come with 3 insert size options so
you can control the level of pressure.
Start with the lowest insert (1) and wear
for a full 15 min to determine whether or
not you should add more pressure. Higher
pressure is not necessarily better.

Hit the spot

The insert location is toward the heel
intentionally to target the plantar fascia.
You can also hit different spots by adjusting your foot to stretch toes, massage
other sore spots, etc.

Stay flexible

You may notice a big increase in flexibility
and improvements in the first few weeks
of use. After which, AVOS become a tool
for easy routine maintenence. Consult
with a physician if treating injury.


X Don’t continue use if you feel any abnormal pain.
X Don’t use while driving/operating machinery.
X Don’t use when running or during any vigorous activity.
X Don’t use on stairs.

AVOS are not a normal shoe ~ they are a tool to make physical therapy easy. Keep this in mind when using them.


WARNING: This product is not a medical
device. Always use proper techniques and
common sense when exercising or doing
therapy. This product is designed to be a
workout tool. Please treat the product
and your body with respect. Consult with
a physician. Use at your own risk. AVOS
Therapy and Healthy Active Life Ethos,
LLC assumes no responsibility or liability
for any injury which may occur while
using this product. Not intended for commercial use.