AVOS Therapy Slides

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Color: Black
Size: 5M / 6.5W

AVOS are time-saving therapy shoes that help you increase flexibility and promote circulation ~ like foam rollers for feet! AVOS Therapy Slides provide an easy, effective solution to the chore of daily physical therapy achieving similar results while remaining mobile.

Increase Flexibility

Maintaining arch flexibility not only helps you to feel light on your feet, but can also relieve pain and decrease the likelihood of many common foot and ankle injuries.

Save Time

Rather than rolling your foot over a tennis ball, as therapists recommend, you simply slide your AVOS on and let them do the work for you as you go about your morning routine.

Optimized Performance

With improved tissue mobility and increased blood flow comes better performance.  Whether you’re walking the dog or running a marathon, AVOS will prepare your soles for whatever your day has in store.

Customer Reviews

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No more plantar fasciitis pain!

I broke my ankle in July of 2023 and after physical therapy could not get rid of stiffness and pain only to find out I developed plantar fasciitis, I found these online and decided to give them a try and after using them for a few weeks the pain was gone.
Flash forward to almost a year away now; I’m able to skate/run/workout again and whenever I have a little bit of soreness I just wear these around for 15-20 minutes and I feel great.
Amazing product and awesome customer service.
Highly recommend giving AVOS a try if you’ve got plantar fasciitis.


A great tool in the foot pain war.

Not very helpful :(

I have had plantar fasciitis for a while - over a year. I ordered these slides a while ago to see if they would help. There were multiple delays and false starts on when they were supposed to be delivered. It was explained to me that the slides were being redesigned and the quality was going to be vastly improved. After waiting several months, my order arrived. Initially I liked them. After having them for 6ish months and wearing them often after athletic activity, I have concluded that the most firm "green bump" is nowhere near firm enough. It barely pushes into the bottom of the foot. I weigh 200 lbs so I don't think it is due to my weight simply being too much. Also, the slides are my exact size and I think the green bump is a little too far forward in the sandal (too close to the toe end). Maybe it is just me, but these left a lot to be desired.

Mark Sayre


Jackson Poling
Great with a catch!

I’m loving my slides and the customer support that got them to me. They’re helping my feet feel better after only a couple days of use. All good things! The one catch is that within a couple days of normal use (around 15 minutes per wear) the binding on one shoe is already breaking.

Still very worthy of a great review!