AVOS Therapy Slides

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AVOS are time-saving therapy shoes that help you increase flexibility and promote circulation ~ like foam rollers for feet!


  • Stretches and massages the bottom of the foot
  • Stimulates the stretch reflex in muscles, increasing flexibility & blood flow
  • Saves time and energy
  • 3 sizes of semi-soft ball shaped inserts included for every type of foot and pressure sensitivity
  • 2 in 1 - Therapy device & a normal pair of slides with the included flat insert
  • Durable, slip resistant outsole. Premium materials and craftmanship
  • Unique: There is currently no other product like AVOS Therapy Slides


Physical therapist often recommend rolling feet on a tennis ball/lacrosse ball for 15 minutes under each foot to help alleviate sore feet by channeling important nutrients & oxygen to help repair muscle. AVOS Therapy Slides provide an easy, effective solution to the chore of daily physical therapy achieving similar results while remaining mobile. Regular stretching helps to optimize physical performance and decreases the potential for injury from stiff muscles. Trusted by professional athletes to warm up / wind down, AVOS help create a conscious awareness of physical well-being in a fun & effortless way.

Each pair of AVOS come with 2 Flat, 2 Lo, 2 Mid, & 2 Hi semi-soft inserts so you can choose the pressure that best suits your needs.

U.S. Patent No. 11,116,687

Note: If you're having trouble deciding on size - we always recommend choosing the next larger size. A little extra space is better than not enough. See size chart for more info.

Read instructions included with product before use.

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