AVOS Therapy Slides

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Color: Black
Size: 5M / 6.5W

AVOS are time-saving therapy shoes that help you increase flexibility and promote circulation ~ like foam rollers for feet! AVOS Therapy Slides provide an easy, effective solution to the chore of daily physical therapy achieving similar results while remaining mobile.

Increase Flexibility

Maintaining arch flexibility not only helps you to feel light on your feet, but can also relieve pain and decrease the likelihood of many common foot and ankle injuries.

Save Time

Rather than rolling your foot over a tennis ball, as therapists recommend, you simply slide your AVOS on and let them do the work for you as you go about your morning routine.

Optimized Performance

With improved tissue mobility and increased blood flow comes better performance.  Whether you’re walking the dog or running a marathon, AVOS will prepare your soles for whatever your day has in store.

Customer Reviews

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Can’t believe these work

With all the ads I was getting I was skeptical if they’d work… but after two months of doing my own stretches and still having plantar fasciitis pain- I caved and bought these and they work! Literally within the first week. Excited to keep using them.

Treyton Landeau
Total Scam

Don't trust @avos.therapy they took my money and never sent me a product or even a confirmation number for my order. I’ve tried reaching out but struggle to hear back and even when i do still have not received any info about when or even if i will get my product.

This company is a scam and should not be trusted. I am now worried about my financials or even my identity being stolen.
I am changing cards and reporting them to the better business bureau.

Jessica Wilson
Never Received

I have not received my order yet, which the email that led to this reviews says was fulfilled 14 days ago…

Works great!

They definitely work well for working out stiffness in your feet, especially your heels. I think they could be improved by adding insert spots in the middle or top of the slide. That way you could work out tightness in those areas of the foot as well. And also if they had a sandal version that would hold your heel down on the bottom side while you’re walking, that would possibly make them better imo. Other than that they are great.

Thank you Avos!!

Love these, perfect way to get some rehab in post workout or a little prehab before you go train!!