When will they ship??

    Hey guys, a few people have reached out to ask what's up with shipping - hopefully this email clears things up..

      In our last update we were hoping to have shipped before Thanksgiving. Obviously we were not able to do so. Due to our high quality standards and a refusal to deliver a product that isn’t as good as it can be, we had to make further adjustments to our molds and materials. The ratio of densities between the stiffer sole of the slide and the softer inserts is critical to optimal performance of your AVOS. It’s that balance of materials that led us to put the brakes on production and push back our expected delivery date even though we are happy with all progress made so far. Unfortunately, with COVID restrictions looming and Christmas rush orders piled up, our delays have been further extended at our production facilities. 

avos product retouch.jpg

Wait there is good news!

     We are coordinating a production date in January and look forward to finally delivering the very first run of AVOS! To be clear: factory production in January means you should receive your AVOS in February.

That’s if all goes as planned..

     Point being- we want you to be as informed as you would like to be. We're a small team here at AVOS and this email is for a small audience of our pre-order customers & subscribers who learned about the brand through The Nine Club or a friend. We haven't advertised.  So please, don't hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns- it is the entire point of keeping this low key and partially informal. We will soon deliver a product that we hope helps you, a loved one, or even someone you've just met. That is what it's all about anyway.

What to expect next:

    We’ll be reaching out before we ship to confirm your current shipping address and your selected size (more sizes options available).   

     Until then, we hope you have a great holiday with your friends and fam. Stay safe, be good to your human brethren and we’ll check in with you soon!