Hey guys, just want to give our readers a quick update and everyone know that we have finally entered our final production phase. We are expecting to receive and ship product around the end of June/ early July. We are pretty confident in this expected shipping date as long as we don’t encounter any more drastic delays.

Thanks everyone for your support and extreme patience :) I will be reaching out personally to all of our pre-order customers to make sure we have the most up to date address shortly before we ship. Talk to you soon ~Shawn

If you’re just joining us now, I’d like to give y’all a comprehensive understanding of exactly what/who we are as a company~

My name is Shawn Hale - I’m a 33 year old pro skateboarder and the creator of AVOS. With such hard demands on my body from skateboarding, I was often told by physical therapists how important it is to be proactive and take care of my body. Foot injuries are very common in skating and problems can linger. Physical therapists always recommended rolling a tennis or lacrosse ball under my feet for 20 minutes a day, especially while I was limping with a rolled ankle, bruised heel or other ailment. I knew there was a simpler solution to this chore and thus the idea of AVOS was born.

After a ton of prototyping with 3d printed molds, DIY silicon mixes and good old fashioned razorblades, I was nearing what I felt was a final version of my vision. I knew I wanted to share with friends and family but also with people who could really benefit from this simple idea. So I partnered up with an old friend who had a bit more knowledge on the business and manufacturing side of things and we set out to make AVOS a reality.

In 2019, a popular skateboarding podcast called The Nine Club invited me on to talk about my skateboarding career. This was shortly after I had finished submitting my non-provisional utility patent and the timing seemed perfect to finally share as we were already working on production. At this point, the idea of crowd funding was on the table. Instead of going a mainstream route with sites like Kickstarter and Start Engine, we decided to keep it low key and offer fellow skaters an opportunity to jump on with us early with our Pre Orders. This was just the juice we needed to show market interest and help us reach a few milestones including breaking our first molds and scheduling a launch date with our production facilities.

As fate would have it, the pandemic hit right as we were gaining momentum and nearing launch. We lost time, money invested and even our original manufacturing partner. Fast forward to today and we are very close to launching a first in class product we truly believe will provide a positive benefit. And we can't wait to show y'all what else we have to come.

We wish we could provide a delivery date at this time but we are still experiencing delays going back and fourth from our factories. We are hopeful as they are promising us it will be soon and we estimate it should be before Spring begins.

From the bottom of our hearts we THANK YOU for patience and understanding. Much love

We want to keep you as up to date as you like so please feel free to visit this page if you'd like to know the latest on AVOS