What is AVOS Therapy?

We here at AVOS are simply trying to provide an easy way to try to maintain optimal foot health. We know that for many, the most difficult part of any health routine is simply beginning. Beginning to take your body maintenance seriously for the first time or in general, on a daily bases, sometimes it's just difficult to start. That's why we want you to Start with the Sole


  What’s up with the Pre-Orders?

Pre-Orders are special for those who wish to support our development and be the first to try AVOS(!).  We are so thankful for the show of support, we are working diligently to make sure you receive a product you’re impressed with. Orders will begin shipping by November 2020. We will keep you updated.


Update 6/19 - Our production facilities are back to work and we've received news that our molds are being tested and finished now, finally! This keeps us in line with End of Summer delivery. We will be reaching out via email to update everyone once we are about to ship. Subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date

Update 10/12 - It's been a difficult ride but we are finally prepping to receive and ship mid to late November!


  Why use AVOS?

To loosen and desensitize the arch to improve performance and lower chances of injury. If you have arch pain, plantar fasciitis, stiff or sore feet, our product will help you address the causation rather than only temporarily relieving the symptoms. There are many benefits from stretching the soles of your feet that have a positive affect the rest of your body. 


  Are AVOS doctor approved?

Yes! We’ve presented the product to multiple doctors and physical therapists, receiving endorsements and positive feedback. In fact, there’s a Doctor of Physical Therapy on our team to that to ensure that we’re providing the best recommendations for use possible.


  Are AVOS patented protected?

Yes, our proprietary system and it’s function are protected under international patent laws. Thanks for asking!


  How do they work?

AVOS work by lengthening the muscle fibers through massage/myofascial release, which treat skeletal muscle immobility and pain by relaxing contracted muscles, improving blood and lymphatic circulation and stimulating the stretch reflex in muscles.


  What size insert should I use?

We suggest you use the smallest insert that stretches your arch.


  Are AVOS painful or do they feel good?

They most definitely should not be painful - that's why we recommend the smallest insert for a light stretch. We know most people love that feel good pain, but that isn’t what we are looking for with AVOS. A light stretch daily will feel good and be much more beneficial than causing pain to your arch.


  What pressure is best?

Light pressure is best. Often, we lean toward the “quick fix” and believe that more pain means quicker results.  Everyone's body is complicated and different, but we all need time to regenerate and heal. Light pressure will help stimulate blood flow to the injured area whereas too much pressure may* slow healing. That’s why we recommend 15 minutes.


  How long do I use them?

15 minutes of use for best results. 

  Should I use them directly after an injury?

Please consult your doctor on how long to wait after injury occurrence to use AVOS. Fresh injuries always need proper rest, in most cases you should give your fresh injury some time to heal. Use AVOS in the recovery stage of injury.

  Can I use them too long?

Yes. If you put pressure on any part of your body too long you can expect damage to occur.  If you massage your arm in the same spot for an hour, you may get bruising or tissue damage. It’s the same for your foot. So please be sure to keep it around 15 minutes for optimal benefits.


  Do AVOS feel funny to walk in?

AVOS are like no shoe you’ve ever worn before. The insert pushes up against your arch so when you take a step, the heel comes away from the shoe. Some people may notice this and some may not, it just depends on the shape of your foot and the height of the insert. But this is normal for AVOS, we only sacrifice normality for health and convenience. We hope you’ll grow to enjoy that strange but welcome stretch!


  Can I wear AVOS without the inserts?

Absolutely! We provided a flat insert to pop-in at any time and wear your AVOS as regular sandals. 


  What size should I order?

Refer to the Sizing Chart. We recommend to have a little extra space for some wiggle room. 

The exact length of the shoes are as follow;

      6 Men    8 Wmn  -   245 mm    -     9  5/8"   

      8 Men  10 Wmn  -   265 mm    -   10  7/16"

      9                           -   275 mm    -    10  13/16"

      10                         -   285 mm    -    11  1/4"

      11                         -   295 mm    -    11  5/8"

      12                         -   305 mm    -   12"

  I'm a 10.5, should I order the Large or the XL?

Our size Large (9-10) is actually a 10.5.  All AVOS sizes are like this, as well as most slide style sandals on the market. That means Small (5-6) is actually 6.5, and so on.

  What about international sizing?

We're working on it! For now, the most accurate way to find your size would be to measure your foot.

  Can I stand on the insert without it being inserted in the shoe?

If you want to break it, go ahead, but that isn’t covered under warranty. The inserts are not made to withstand body weight without it being in the cavity of the slide. 


  Can I get more rigid inserts?

Currently we do not offer a more rigid insert. We’ve tested harder inserts and for the time being we've came to the conclusion that softer is better. 


  Will there be more insert options in the future?

Definitely! We have some variations that we are quite excited about, stay tuned ...


  My injury no longer bothers me, should I continue wearing AVOS?

Do what feels best for you and let's keep that arch healthy! Keeping your feet limber can help to lower chances of future injury.

  I have more questions, where can I find more information?

Please don't hesitate to contact us via email, We are more than happy to answer your questions!